franciscodAnkur Sinha
buggzAmit Pundir
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franciscodanyone else? or is it just the two of us? :(
buggzfranciscod: i feel we are only here
franciscodbuggz: lol.. no point of a meet then.. lets hang around for a while.. see if more people join in..
buggzfranciscod:  yes
buggzby the time you can give some information
buggzabout free media
franciscodask away..
buggzhow is the process about ticketing
buggzwho all can accept
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franciscodhttp://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Distribution/FreeMedia#join that is how you join..
franciscodanyone can who can login can accept (i guess)
sherry151i am here
buggzsherry151: Welcome
sherry151aveek: are you here
franciscodah.. now we are 3 people.. :D
sherry151what happened to rakesh
sherry151ok so should we start the meeting
franciscodsherry151: no idea..
aveeksherry151 : yes, i am
sherry151just as I said, meeting time should be changed
franciscodsherry151: yeah.. okay.. restart..
franciscodRoll call <again>
franciscodAnkur Sinha
buggzAmit Pundir
sherry151Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury
sherry151aveek is here too
sherry151ok so lets come to first agenda
franciscodfirst agenda.. lets start with "anyone new here?"
sherry151not real;y.
buggzi dont know i am new or old
franciscodlets go on to deciding a better meeting time and day then..
buggzhow about meeting time at night ?
sherry151since it is the vacation season, I haven't seen any new people from India
sherry151buggz: Please be more speciefic
franciscodsherry151: yes.. even the regulars are pretty dormant..
sherry151franciscod: true
sherry151buggz: The time is ok I guess, only the day needs to be changes
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sherry151dash123: hi
dash123sherry151 hi
franciscodwell .. all the other days are working days.. and friday, sat are "party days" when people relax..
dash123today is a meeting right?
sherry151dash123: Welcome
franciscoddash123: yes, it has begun..roll call please
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sherry151please come to the agenda
franciscodill continue.. so as i was saying.. friday, saturday and sunday are bad days for a meeting..
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franciscodpeople usually prefer to go out etc. on friday + the weekends..
sherry151I suggest Wednesday
sherry1511800 ut
franciscodI second Wednesday
franciscodutc means IST i assume..
buggzwednesday will be fine
sherry151We normally have a lot of people hanging around on IRC on Wednesdays
sherry151IST sorry
sherry151aveek: Your opinion please
franciscodokay.. so.. for the ones present here, 1800IST Wed is okay?
aveekok. before we part, may we discuss fest at NIT Agartala on 18-19
franciscodaveek: yes.. we have future events in the agenda.. :)
sherry151we should send out a notification to the list, see the feedback and then change the day
sherry151aveek: what do you want to say.
franciscodsherry151: yes..since the majority is absent today..
dash123sorry to interrupt but can timings be after 7:00pm ist..my college has placed restrictions on net access between 4:30 to 7:00
aveekany suggestions?
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aveekthis is my first time & do not want to mess things up
franciscodsherry151: 1900 okay?
buggz7 will also be fine
sherry151dash123: no problems, its just a suggestion. Final timings will only be decided after mailing the list
franciscodaveek: please wait for 2 min. lets just get the timing decidec.
franciscodsherry151: im not sure people are active on the list too..
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* franciscod feels probably because of vacations.. again..
sherry151Lets keep open two options, 1800 and 1900 and see for votes
franciscodsherry151: +1
franciscodokay.. so timing agenda over with ?
sherry151so its decided, lets proceed with the second agenda please
franciscodsecond agenda would be future events?
aveekyes +1
franciscodaveek: your turn... please present your queries etc?
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sherry151rsa_md5: Welcome
rsa_md5sherry151, :)
buggzzer0c00l: Welcome
zer0c00lbuggz, yes
zer0c00lbuggz, any meeting going on here?
franciscodrsa_md5 zer0c00l : roll call please..
franciscodzer0c00l: yes..
buggzkakashi_: Welcome
rsa_md5oh meeting I see..kthxbai
zer0c00lzer0c00l, Arun SAG
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kakashi_buggz:- Hi
buggzkakashi_: roll call
sherry151franciscod: Anomit is always like that.
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franciscodsherry151: i know.. catch him on ##lugmanipal ;)
sherry151We have more people now. franciscod :Please lead
franciscodaveek: with reference to your event.. what have you planned?
franciscodsherry151: thanks..
dipanjansherry151, is this what you were talking about?
sherry151dipanjan: Yes
franciscodaveek: ?
sherry151dipanjan: We would like to have some updates regarding the release party you were planning
franciscodsherry151: can we let aveek proceed first?
sherry151franciscod: Yes please
franciscoddipanjan: please do so once aveek is done with..
sherry151aveek: Continue
dipanjansherry151, that had been postponed owing to poor response mostly
franciscodaveek: please start and <EOF> once youre done speaking.
aveeki want suggestions regarding fest this week
aveekmbuf is coming
aveek& bringing DVDs with him
aveekhave F10 repo with us
franciscodaveek: what is the event plan? can we please have an outline? is it only an install fest?
* franciscod folks please "!" if you wish to speak
franciscodaveek: are you going to have a talk etc? slides? anything more?
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aveekmbuf(Shakthi Kannan) is doinf the FAD on 18
sherry151franciscod: I believe its more than an install fest and mbuf will be taking sessions on quite a few things
aveek& in the left time, our GLUG will do presentaions on QCAD, Scialab & Octave
franciscodaveek: okay.. wiki link please?
aveek1 min. please
sherry151please do not forget to share the photos and reports are a must.
sherry151aveek: Will it be possible for you to record the sessions and prepare a DVD out of it.
sherry151aveek: We can use it as a sort of video training manual
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sherry151in the mean time, dipanjan : when are you planning to do it.
aveek_connection slow
franciscodaveek: thats okay..
sherry151In case you missed:  <sherry151> please do not forget to share the photos and reports are a must.
sherry151<sherry151> aveek: Will it be possible for you to record the sessions and prepare a DVD out of it.
sherry151<sherry151> aveek: We can use it as a sort of video training manual
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aveek_yes, of course, sherry151
* franciscod http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents#India.2C_Asia.2C_and_Australia_.28India.2FAPJ.29
aveek_here is the link-https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/NITA_FAD_2009
dipanjanno concrete dates yet. when every one is ready perhaps. and before classes start
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franciscodaveek: please try out the installation on some systems.. and specially partitioning.. vista etc.
franciscodthats where we had max trouble.. partitioning vista systems to get the install fest started..
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franciscodaveek_: please try out the installation on some systems.. and specially partitioning.. vista etc.
sherry151anything else aveek wants to say.
sherry151Guess not. We should move on.
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franciscoddipanjan: please continue
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sherry151FYI anyone who needs media can collect it from Susmit.
aveekPaul Frields has also consented to a VoIP talk on 18
dipanjanwe had to postpone the event owing to lack of response
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dipanjanwe do not have any concrete dates yet.
dipanjanpermision from college authorities is granted
sherry151dipanjan: I believe it will be better to have the release party after the classes start.
franciscoddipanjan: anything more concrete? as in what subevents(talks etc.)  have you planned there?
sherry151We will also be having a relese party and FAD at NIT durgapur in the last week of this month
dipanjanno, that was for Susmit da to plan
dipanjansince we didn't move on, we didn't plan further
sherry151But I haven't yet received any plans from them.
sherry151ok any more upcoming events?
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franciscoddipanjan: okay.im sure susmit will post to the list etc when he's ready.
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sherry151dipanjan: Haven't really seen Susmit around. He too seems to be on vacation.
dipanjansherr151 :)
sherry151dipanjan: You want to say something?
franciscodsherry151: he's pretty busy with a lot of things..
franciscodHobbes`: anything you;d like to contribute?
dipanjanwe at our LUG were thinking of a seminar on open standards
dipanjancould we get sponsor from Fedora?
Hobbes`franciscod nope .. just being a fly on the wall
sherry151dipanjan: Very good idea indeed. Any plans
franciscoddipanjan: yes.. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Reimbursements
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sherry151franciscod: Why this url
dipanjanyeah, talked with a few open source evangelists in kolkata. dates and details have to bbe fixed
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franciscodsherry151: sponsorship
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franciscoddipanjan: okay.. we'll keep a look out for this one.. is it going to be during college term?
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franciscoddipanjan: who are the audience? just college folk?
dipanjansponsorship is important to get a green signal from college
dipanjanno, anyone interested
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franciscoddipanjan: okay.. sponsorship works a little differently.. you get reimbursed if you follow the guidelines properly..
naguHi. This is A Nagendra Kumar from NIT Agartala GLUG
sherry151nagu: Welcome
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sherry151dipanjan: Reimbursements only after the event is over and photos and reports are shared. But you can be sure of it if you get it approved earlier.
franciscoddipanjan: and dont forget to keep all the reciepts.. :) the link i gave has all the info..
ubuntufreaksorry i was bit late but can i know whats the sponsorship is about ?
sherry151Sankarshan will be the right person to talk about that.
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franciscodubuntufreak: roll call please?
dipanjanfranciscod, ok
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nagusherry151:Thank you
franciscodanyone else planning an event? "!" to speak please..
prithviHi! I am Prithvi Sahu from NIT Agartala GLUG
sherry151dipanjan: Make concrete plans and a budget. Then mail them to sankarshan , cc Susmit. They will have some questions regarding th event and once you answere those, they will approve the budget. Then you can easily go ahead and talk to the college authorities.
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franciscodsherry151: the link has it all.. :)
sherry151franciscod: Repeating doesn't harm.
aveekvery problematic  connection
franciscodokay.. if we are done with "events", can we move on to the next agenda?
sherry151franciscod: Should we move ahead with the next agenda
dipanjansherry151, i had planned that, but thought of mentioning ot here nevertheless
sherry151franciscod: yes please
franciscodhow many folks here are ambassadors/LCs/free media volunteers?
sherry151dipanjan: Thank you for doing that. We are watch out for info on this on the list.
sherry151raise your hands please
zer0c00li want to be ambassador and free media volunteer
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franciscodprithvi nagu dipanjan ubuntufreak ?
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sherry151aveek: is an ambassador and a local contact
franciscodfor those who wish to join the free media program.. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Distribution/FreeMedia#join
dipanjanfranciscod, ?
ubuntufreakAnand Prabhu from KLUG, Erode
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franciscodubuntufreak: ambasador?
ubuntufreakfranciscod: whats the sponsorship about ?
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aveek_Hi! I am Aveek Sen, fedora Ambassador from NIT Agartala GLUG
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sherry151ubuntufreak: Not sponsorship, reimbursement for event and ambassador expenses.
franciscodfor joining the ambassadors team http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors
ubuntufreakfranciscod: got it
sherry151freemedia-- anybody has any clue how to run this in a more efficient way. We did have a discussion on the mailing list but it soon diverged from the topc.
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sherry151I would present the conclusion here.
franciscodsherry151: go on
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sherry151freemedia is not free as in free beer. If it is possible only then should the freemedia contrbiutor send the media free of cost.
sherry151If anybody wants, he/she can charge money for sending the media.
aveek_open SUSE has an easier access
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sherry151http://plug.org.in/software.php this is a model that can be follwed
sherry151franciscod: yes
ubuntufreakI think the media can be free but if the receiver is ready to pay for the postage it would be good
aveek_the ambassador, Mayank got 400 DVDs for event
* franciscod reminds people to "!" before they speak
sherry151ubuntufreak: Same thing.
* franciscod and wait until youre turn comes
sherry151aveek_: You can easily get DVDs for events form Fedora too. We are talking about requested media here.
ubuntufreakOr else increase we can increase the ambassadors by getting enthusiastic guys from each college so that its get spread up
sherry151ubuntufreak: please let franciscod speak
franciscodthe cost of mailing media is apalling.. basically why we are trying to make the LC wirk..
franciscodthe LC system, if works efficently will ease off a lot of pressure from the free media team..
sherry151franciscod: Very true.
sherry151dipanjan: yes
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dipanjani was working an an important project. may i move on if not much is left?
franciscoddipanjan: yes.. sure..
sherry151dipanjan: No problem.
* dipanjan has quit ("thank you")
franciscodanyone has suggestions on how to improve on LCs?
franciscodbuggz_: ..
buggz_We can contact local ppl
franciscodbuggz_: more specific?
buggz_who are doing installation work and solving out problems for windows users
sherry151first thing is to get the local distribution of the requests as sankarshan said.
franciscodthe local distribution depends on the presence of ambassadors and requestee in the same city.
sherry151That is why charging for the media is being encouraged.
sherry151We are setting up the system in NITDGPLUG as well.
sherry151The page will be up in about a wek.
sherry151We should ask Susmit da to look into the matter of making a regional map (if possible).
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franciscod_however, the interesting part is that.. even current ambassadors are not aiding as local contacts
* franciscod_ sorry.. dc..
sherry151then it will be easier to find LC s from those particular regions.
sherry151buggz_: What do you think.
sherry151aveek_: Are you here?
buggz_yes of course ambassadors should play major role as LCs
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anishHi! I am Anish Mishra from NIT Agartala GLUG
franciscod_we need to differentiate LCs completely from ambassadors.. since a lot of folks becoma ambassadors just for the sake of it..
sherry151anish: Welcome
* franciscod_ welcomes anish
sherry151franciscod: Yes true
aveek_sherry151: yes
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sherry151aveek_: Please make sure you are able to serve requests that might originate from the region. Please join the freemedia team.
franciscod_what time of the year can we expect everyone active on the mailig lists?
sherry151I gues after 20 days, August onwards.
sherry151aveek_: Give the responsibility to someone else if you are overloaded.
aveek_there is a similar on open SUSE India Google group as well
aveek_Mayank is handling for college
franciscod_sherry151: we need to talk to all the ACTIVE ambassadors about this.. and weed out inactive ones..
sherry151Also set up something like this http://plug.org.in/software.php
franciscod_sherry151: i intend to set up one from manipal this time..
buggz_franciscod: i too feel to have a clean up
sherry151franciscod: Sure.
aveek_i am not overloaded
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* franciscod_ makes note
aveek_i will be esily hading that
anishis any fest ..........gng to be held in nearb
franciscod_anish: please wait your turn.. use "!" to request to speak..
sherry151franciscod: But setting up will not be enough, you must publicize it too. Also , since you are part of the freemedia team, you can contact the requesters and see if they want to avail the option in case anyone else is not able to send them the media for free
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sherry151anish: GNUtsav at NIT Agartala on 18-19 this month
franciscod_sherry151: yes.. i intend to set up a system just like the plug.. sort of a clone..
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sherry151franciscod: I will do the same for NITDGPLUG
franciscod_only trouble is.. no media pressing etc in MPL.. :(
anishyaaaaaaaadear i am a student of nit agartala
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aveekanish is from our college. he's probably asking for other ones
franciscod_aveek: please check the events page..
sherry151franciscod: Then you have to get them made from Bangalore. I can help since I will shift to Bangalore permanently next month
aveekis the session being logged by someone.
aveekvery bad connectivity
* aveek_ has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
sherry151aveek: Yes
buggz_i am bangalore, let me know if i can do something
franciscod_sherry151: ill contact you once im done with the other problems.. i can try mlore too..
sherry151buggz_: Will keep that in mind
franciscod_this is what i had planned..
franciscod_a web interface as plug
franciscod_price will be postage + media + rs 20
franciscod_the rs 20s will be collected to serve free medias for the next month
aveekopen suse has a list here-http://groups.google.com/group/opensuse-india?lnk=srg
aveekaddresses given if you mail to jighish Gohil
sherry151franciscod: Good
franciscod_delivery on payment
* anish has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
franciscod_and ill collect requests from one month.. and service them in the starting of next..
franciscod_since that will give me a number of media to create.
franciscod_<less wastage>
sherry151franciscod_: nice plan. This can improve the situation.
franciscod_if we can setup one of this sort in every state or zone.. we should be able to do pretty much..
franciscod_its a very very raw plan currently.. a lot of details need to be worked out..
* kishan has quit (Remote closed the connection)
sherry151aveek: We are talking about Fedora media here and not open suse.
sherry151franciscod: True
* sarbartha (n=3b5dc712@apocalypse.dreamhost.com) has left #fedora-india
franciscod_sherry151: we can have this discussed in a meet with more people.. august ?
* franciscod_ notes
aveeki was suggesting about contemporary distros
aveekwe need to compete
sherry151franciscod: Lets put up this draft on the list and discuss it further.
* rishi_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
sherry151aveek: Isn't that what we are discussing. And no competing.
sherry151Ok so I guess we have decided almost all the agendas. I think we should call this a close
franciscod_sherry151: once people become more active..
franciscod_the draft on the list i mean..
franciscod_okay.. lets close.. anything anyone would like to discuss?
franciscod_*anything more?
* buggz__ (n=buggz@ has joined #fedora-india
franciscod_else we'll close the days discussion..
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buggz__sorry dc
franciscod_sherry151: you're the only one who dint miss anything.. can you please mail me a log?
aveekSiddharthUpmanyu is the only one hadling free media at present
sherry151franciscod: Ya sure.
franciscod_aveek: not true.. he is the coordinator..
sherry151aveek: Where did you get this info from
aveekmay we join as well? will cost be feimbursed by Fedora for DVDs we give out or do we charge for DVDs as suggested today
sherry151aveek: Rahul Sundaram is more active a cordinator. Also Susmit is there too.
sherry151We already said. YOu can charge. No costs will not be reimbursed by Fedora.
sherry151Please read the log once it is posted. You will get the whole idea.
franciscod_aveek: its a voluntary contribution..
sherry151franciscod: I will mail upload the log .
franciscod_sherry151: okay..
buggz__so we can quit now
sherry151franciscod: Please mail a report/conclusion of the meeting along with the link to the log.
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aveek_"Freemedia program is for GIVING freemedia, if you join this, you will have to GIVE free media, you will NOT receive any media yourself. If you wish to receive freemedia, see Request Media"
aveek_as on page is mentioned
franciscod_any new folks who need help/advice/suggestions/ have questions please stay back..
* franciscod has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
franciscod_aveek_: yes.. that is correct.
* franciscod_ is now known as franciscod
* nagu (i=75f15813@gateway/web/freenode/x-2da43e5963244b90) has joined #fedora-india
aveek_where will the log be uploaded. need it. ibtermittent connection
* aveek has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
franciscodaveek_: mailing list..
franciscodcalling for close..
franciscodlast call for more discussion..
franciscodmeeting closed..

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